Coastal Environment Modelling dataset helper#

The emsarray package provides a common interface for working with the many model geometry conventions used at CSIRO. It enhances xarray Datasets and provides a set of common operations for manipulating datasets.

To use, open the dataset using either xarray.open_dataset() or emsarray.open_dataset() and use the dataset.ems attribute:

import json

import emsarray
from emsarray.operations import geometry
from shapely.geometry import Point

dataset = emsarray.tutorial.open_dataset('gbr4')

# Select a single Point of data
capricorn_group = Point(151.869, -23.386)
point_data = dataset.ems.select_point(capricorn_group)

# Export dataset geometry
geometry.write_geojson(dataset, "gbr4.geojson")

# Plot the sea surface temperature for time = 0
temp = dataset['temp'].isel(time=0, k=-1)
Plot of sea surface temperature from the GBR4 example file